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Remuera CrossFit is a nifty CrossFit Affiliate in the heart of 1050 - 33 Haast St Remuera. It is a unique facility, taking CrossFit more outdoors, utilizing the artificial fields and our onsite Genesis Fitness main gym facility. We welcome anybody who has a keen desire to try a new and proven method of exercise, enjoy the intensity, and embrace the results it brings


What is CrossFit?

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Classes & Timetable



Our Coach led classes that helps you move with efficiency, challenge your fitness, and progresses you to be a better athlete. Classes every day morning and evening


For those of us that have to squeeze in the classes with family life. 45min express class option at 4.45pm everyday has you getting your fitness fix


For the skills needed to be an all round great crossfitter. We focus on acquiring the skills for all gymnastics movements from  pullups  to bar Muscle ups to handstand walking. 

Intro Course

Interested in CrossFit but not sure how to start? we run an introductory program that covers 3-4 1 on 1 sessions to learn all the movements and terminology and safety factors of Crossfit and integrate you into classes

Weekly Timetable



Intro Course - $200

This covers 3 one on one technique and skill session booked at times that suit you. Also gives 2 weeks access to classes and Genesis Fitness 

  • 3 X Per week classes - $49pw*

  • Unlimited Classes - $59pw*

  • 10 Class Concession Card - $200

  • Casual Drop in - $25

*Both of these options covers full membership access to Genesis Fitness

 $15 Joining fee on all membership signups


Remy Coaching Squad


Justin Wootton

Founder and Manager of Remuera Crossfit, and Genesis Fitness GM.

"Since as early as I can remember I always was taught the rewards for putting in the effort when you exercise. My granddad told me 'Fitness is King' you want to enjoy life stay fit and never get lazy"

Have been CrossFitting since 2012 and fell in love with it quickly. Mixing exercise and competition was a natural attraction - which also drove the desire to compete and run competitions

From the love of competing came the brain child of Metcon Madness, and proudly acknowledge the effort of our coaching staff and members in making the event such a success. 

Our community is everything - A sentiment shared by many other CrossFit boxes around the world

Steph Jones

Steph kind of fell into CrossFit through her admin requirements working with Genesis Fitness. 

Being your A typical gym attendee she became curious with CrossFit and its fun community. She did an intro and the rest is history.

And being a natural competitor became quite at home with physical demands of the sport. She regularly competes at various comps and is also part of the brains trust that keeps Metcon Madness going every year.

What Steph loves most about CrossFit is gaining new skills she thought she wouldn't be able to do - new PB for a lift and getting her first bar muscle up


Wiz Kochasira

Started Crossfit in late 2018. Growing up I played football and went to the gym frequently. Got introduced to Crossfit in early 2018 but was still focused on playing football. Had my second knee surgery mid 2018 and decided to hang up my boots and just do Crossfit to stay fit.

Favourite thing about Crossfit: Love Snatching, Squatting and Running

Future aspirations with Crossfit and our crew: Want to be the best athlete I can possibly be and help the Remy Crew to move more efficiently through unlocking their mobility restrictions. 

Jack Campbell

Jack hails from the UK where he spent his youth playing rugby and being mischievous.

He switched to CrossFit and has been coaching for 5 years and loves every minute.

Being compassionate to everyone's needs is his secret weapon, and making all movements achievable for all CrossFit athletes despite skill level , gets him out of bed in the mornings.

Jack is an competitor at heart so you'll see him on the competition floor regularly


Clynton Janke

Time with CrossFit - 8 years

Been doing CF since 2013, I have been a keen "Exerciser since I can remember, mainly to get in shape for rugby. So for years was the stereo typical gym junkie. Mondays was for "Chest and Biceps". But for rugby I ended up doing alot of circuit type of workouts which I guess looking back was very similar to Crossfit, be it at a very scaled down version. A part from playing rugby all my life, I did MMA for few years, also mainly for rugby fitness in the off season.


what i love about CF isthe community and helping people achieve "1sts". No matter what it may be, someones first pullup, HSPU or a max lift, it doesn't matter how big or small I get as excited if not more so than the person who just achieved it. Its a very rewarding feeling helping with that. I also love programming crazy, exciting workouts that people love!

Graeme Richardson

Time with CrossFit - 5 years


 CrossFit is way more than just physical fitness - it’s a chance to be around a great group of people who like to have a laugh and take a real interest in you and your progression.  For a lot of people starting something new can be a bit intimidating, so it’s important to me people feel welcome.  I like to make sure our new starters have someone to chat to before class and introduce them to other members, so they feel part of the team.  A lot of people have an opinion about CrossFit, most of them have never done it.  I’d say come and have a chat, see what we do, and make up your own mind.


Contact Us

33 Haast St

Auckland 1050
Mail: info@remueracrossfit.co.nz
Tel: 09-5203455

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