Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5.45am CF 5.45am CF 5.45am CF 5.45am CF 5.45am CF 7.45am CF 8.30am CF
9.00am CF 9.00am CF 9.00am CF 9.00am CF 9.00am CF 9.00am CF Strength  
4.45pm EX 4.45pm EX 4.45pm EX 4.45pm EX 4.45pm EX   4.00pm CF
5.30pm CF PLUS 5.30pm CF 5.30pm CF PLUS 5.30pm CF      
6.30pm CF Strength 6.30pm CF Strength      

CF – Cross Fit WOD
EX – Express class
Comp – Advanced training

* ON ramp courses run the first Monday and Wednesday of each month and run for 3 weeks of pure instructional details of the CrossFit method and technical aspect of all major exercise movements. There is a 3rd week of class integration with specialised coaches assigned to all on ramp athletes, and assistance into all timetabled CrossFit WODS

CF WOD – CrossFit Class

You show up ready to rumble and we put you through your paces with the WOD. You'll learn a bunch of new skills you never though you had in you. Be prepared to get a good bead on, and leave the class feeling like you've been put through the ringer.

ADV WOD – Advance CrossFit

technique practice and hero WODS. Really want a challenge? this is for all the He-men and Superwomen out there. Learn how to move like a pro and push yourself to the limit. Don't turn up expecting a walk in the park, 'cos you're in for a slog up a hill to be honest. These are typically longer and harder classes with more advanced movements and skills involved.

CF Strength - Strength Class

pick a WOD get critiqued and go heavy to maximise your strength gains. If you missed a class during the week, need to brush up on your skills or if you just wanna get one up on your mate that keeps outshining you, then come along and have grab the bar and go a little heavier than you normally do in a WOD. Lift heavy, rest, get gains… Easy